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Free Instrumentals for your Music Project

Where to download free beats? Welcome! You´re in the right place, we produce high quality instrumentals for genre: HipHop * Rock * Reggae * Dancehall * Electronic Music Our free beats are for everybody who is searching for top beats for demosongs, soundcloud presenting or simply for every youtube videos as for example background music.…

5. August 2017 0

Mixtape 2 Maki Damage Austria Underground HipHop

Underground HipHop Mixtape 2 Maki Damage Wus up? we´re still working on an mixtape for the austrian underground rapper Maki Damage. The first finished tracks defenitly show the quality potential this project is bringing into the game. Stay updated! Demosong: You like this artist? Visit him at soundcloud Maki Damage

23. Juli 2017 0

B.o.B. Middle Man Remix

B.o.B. Middle Man from the 2017 album Ether Check out this awesome track by B.o.B. remixed by us for the remix contest from beatstars.

23. Juli 2017 0